Dealerscope traffic doubles in July; Data-driven strategy showing results

PHILADELPHIA-June 2, 2016 – NAPCO Media, a leading B-to-B information source, announced today that in the month of July, saw record increases in traffic. Pageviews increased to 102k from an average of 55k, bolstered by a significant interest in Dealerscope’s annual 40 Under 40 feature, CE Week coverage, and commentary on Pokémon Go.

Benjamin Felix, Group President/Chief Revenue Officer of the Consumer Technology Publishing Group (CTPG), introduced a new content strategy geared towards leveraging data to create actionable content.

“When I started, my stated goal was to produce content that was interesting and pushed the envelope,” Felix said. “How we do that is use data to ascertain what people are interested in and how to get it to our readers effectively. Surveys, real-time tracking, and digital data have all coalesced into concrete actions and content. I think partners like are also immeasurably helpful in enabling us to shape our methodology.”

Felix stressed that the entire team has embraced this approach.

“We’ve really taken to heart, here in the past month, the importance of using data to drive what it is we do and how we do it,” said Rob Stott, an editor for Dealerscope.

Editor Katie Nale agreed that the usage of surveys has been a major differentiator from routine practices. “I think the biggest thing is that we’ve been getting to know our audience better,” Nale said. “We’ve started surveying our audience and getting input direct from our readers on what they want to know about.”

In addition to leveraging data, editor Patrick McCarthy pointed to the end-content as a differentiator. “We’re taking a lot of different writing, technical, and analytical backgrounds to create a product that resonates in a distinctive way in the industry.”

“We hope our growth will set the standard for how dealers, manufacturers, and technologists view consumer electronics,” he added.