Bridging the gap between suppliers and distributors

Our Approach

Our results-oriented solutions are designed to engage our audience of 121,000+ and guide you through the customer journey. 

The Customer Journey

Each stage of the customer journey is the basis for how integrated campaigns are designed. Depending on your needs, we will select products to engage prospects and clients from each stage: Awareness, Evaluation, Purchase and Retention. If you are a distributor please click here.



Are distributors aware of your brand? Do they know what sets you apart from your competition?

In the competitive promotional products marketplace, Brand Awareness is the foundation for a successful customer acquisition campaign. When distributors know who you are and what you provide, they can think about their needs and the available solutions.

With premium print, e-newsletters, podcasts, and dozens more customizable solutions, Promo Marketing can lift your brand awareness to the next level.



Educate your prospects further on the services you provide to help them understand how they can benefit from your solutions.

Once the distributor has identified their needs and have your brand in mind, they will begin to consider products, services, and providers that will provide a solution. Your goal is to ensure they know how your specific offerings will meet their specific needs.

Promo Marketing will help you craft a unique message that will educate, inform, and guarantee you stand out from the other vendors.



Turn the distributor into a vital and loyal customer.

Now well into the journey, the distributor is ready to make a selection of their preferred Supplier. Be it through compelling content or in person, all the distributor needs now is the right avenue to select the right one. Promo Marketing has the tools to guide them along.



Your new client becomes a valued partner and an advocate of your brand.

You’ve successfully gained a new distributor partner! But, the work isn’t over yet. Consistent engagement and communication will encourage your new client to champion your business and minimize competitor advances. Promo Marketing has a wide selection of products and services available that will keep your clients not just sticking with you, but spreading the good word.

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